July 24 2018 QWAFAFEW NYC Presentation by Sam Stovall from CFRA

Click below to download presentation from Sam Stovall, CFRA; Is It Time to Buy or Bail?



1st Presentation on Markets and ETFs – Mary Ann Bartels, Herb Blank, and Mike Carty

Quantal Founder Terry Marsh of SF QWAFAFEW has a related paper to Sam’s on Presidential Election Cycles he invited us to post.  Please download it here. Chan and Marsh Presidential Cycles and Midterm Elections

Related Item of Interest: Longtime friend Phil Orlando, Chief Strategist of Federated Investors believes Dems will win midterms causing markets to plummet, URL = https://money.usnews.com/investing/news/articles/2018-08-03/investors-move-to-cash-anticipating-democratic-gains-in-us-november-elections

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