Membership is granted simply by paying 12-month forward dues. This can be done electronically via credit card, debit card, or PayPal. To execute kindly consider:

Regular 12-month membership dues: $150
Transitional (Between jobs): $95
Student: $25 

Pay by Credit Card or Paypal
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Alternatively, please bring Check payable to QWAFAFEW or Cash to the door on the night of the event after you RSVP), and attend this meeting for free.
Or mail check payable to QWAFAFEW for the appropriate amount with a note to Stefan Byramji:


We have learned that it is easier for some people want an application in order to get reimbursed by their company.  If this is true, just cut and paste and send a copy to us. Just understand that QWAFAFEW, at least at this time, requires no such application.


Date: __________
Last Name*: ____________________ First: ___________________ M or F ___
Organization (or Independent): ___________________________________________
Address: ______________________________ City: ________________ State: ____
Phone*: __________ e-mail address*: ____________________________________
* – required field
Amount Enclosed ______________ ($120 for NYC; $80 for Transition Membership for those between positions; $60 for Student Membership).
Check or Cash? ________ (Please make checks payable to “QWAFAFEW”)
Please note the membership is for the next 12 months.
The name QWAFAFEW (pronounce “quaff-a-few”) is intended as a double entendre. The acronym is derived from Quantitative Work Alliance for Applied Finance Education and Wisdom. The organization provides a collegial forum to promote the sharing of analytical research pertinent to the investment industry. QWAFAFEW is a not-for-profit professional society.
Please mail checks to:

Stefan Byramji, Treasurer