Call for Resignation of C. Michael Carty as New York QWAFAFEW Chapter President

This open letter to the QWAFAFEW-NYC membership and subscribers to this newsletter is being sent publicly by request of Steering Committee member Milind Sharma with the support of Steering Committee members Stefan Byramji, Stanley Levine, Michael Pappas and Herbert Blank.

Dear All:

What transpired here at the 7/23 meeting that led to several of us walking out of QWAFAFEW in protest left no doubt for all to see the dysfunctional, dictatorial leadership of the NYC chapter. My motion to restore the independent SC & reinstate the charter got a majority of votes but was still dismissed by the dictatorial president using various contrived excuses such as no quorum (really in a full room?!) even though there is no such stipulation in the charter FYI. The same contrived excuse was used by him at the SC meeting to not entertain a motion but then he proceeded to unilaterally rewrite the charter by fiat.

Here are the key issues:

  • Should we quietly acquiesce to the unilateral dissolution of the SC & NYC charter by fiat & not ask for it to be reinstated?
  • Does QWAFAFEW NYC want a President for life with absolute dictatorial control & no checks/ balances?
  • Would QWAFAFEW NYC be better off with term limits & a rotating chair to preempt such a dysfunctional outcome?
  • Is it time to hit the reset button & let the members be heard?

If your answers to the above questions are yes, then we must call for snap elections and have the two warring factions exit stage left.

The only logical outcome of this power grab by Mr President for life is to ask for his resignation. While resignation would be the graceful thing to do & the right thing to do, we should be prepared for the fact that he is unlikely to do so & that this chapter will continue hemorrhaging membership & attendance as a result

As a well-wisher of QWAFAFEW who wants to see the chapter thrive I’d urge folks to stand up for democratic due process, good governance and transparency.

Under the right circumstances I will volunteer my time but one must have the assurance of good, clean, transparent governance not the dictatorial machinations of some banana republic. With fresh blood, a clean start & a younger and more diverse set of volunteers we have a shot at restoring vibrancy to the chapter.

Best Regards,

Milind Sharma

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