2019 NYC Chapter Calendar

2019 Schedule

Tuesday, January 29th –Asset Allocation Insights from the Long-Run” – Mikhail Samonov, Founder, Two Centuries Investments & The Use of Derivatives in Portfolio Construction for Mutual Funds and ETFs” – Julie Abbett, Executive Director, JP Morgan Chase and Expert Panelists To Be Announced

Tuesday, February 26th – Stephen Mathia-Davis, CFA, CQF, Chief Investment Officer, Quantimize & Dan diBartolomeo, President, Northfield Information Services

Tuesday, March 26th – Linda Zhang, Ph.D., founder of Purview Investments & TBA

Tuesday, April 30 – TBD

Tuesday, May 21st -TBD

Tuesday, June 25th – TBD

Tuesday, July 23rd – (invited) Mary Ann Bartels, Merrill Lynch  & Sam Stovall, US Equity Strategist, CFRA Research

Tuesday, August 27th – TBD

Thursday, September 10th – TBD

Tuesday, September 24th – TBD

Tuesday, October 22nd – Dick Michaud, President and CEO, New Frontier Advisors & TBD

Tuesday, November 26th – TBD