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April 24, 2018 – New York Athletic Club, 180 Central Park S, New York, NY 10019

New York Athletic ClubWith more than $2 Trillion in U.S. listed ETF assets, the demand from the Financial Advisor and Institutional communities continues to grow for what many hail as the premiere investment vehicle of the future. With ETFs providing access to markets formerly only available to select institutions, what’s the best way of positioning your portfolio for 2018? With oil near multi-year lows, equity markets near record highs, QE stimulus packages taking place around the world and U.S. interest rates expected to go higher, are we at an inflection point in various asset classes?



8:00-8:45 – Registration/Continental Breakfast

8:45-9:00 – Chairman’s Welcome

9:00-9:30 – Opening Keynote

9:35-10:25 – New-to-Market ETF Roundtable (sponsored by US Bancorp Fund Services)
This panel of successful Asset Managers will highlight their firm’s ETFs that have recently gone public and reflect some of the strategies that are currently most in demand by investors. Our expert panelists will bring you timely insights on their most cutting-edge investment strategies and discuss what drove their respective decisions to embrace the ETF structure.

10:25-10:45 – Morning Break

10:50-11:40 – Leaders in Wealth Management
This distinguished panel includes four Wealth Management leaders to help us explore the different approaches taken by each of these high achieving Financial Advisors to grow their respective practices. The discussion will include topics such as the Dynamics of a Team Approach vs. Individual Practitioners, optimizing the Client Acquisition process, Product and Process segmentation and specialization and the challenges in the age of the “RoboAdvisor” and the Client Acquisition of the Millennial as a trusted advisor……

11:45-12:35 – The Need to Differentiate Among Smart Beta Strategies
Smart Beta has become a “catch-all” category for many, very different strategies that need to be evaluated, analyzed, selected and managed on the merits, metrics and against the benchmarks that are relevant to their respective individual strategies. Our panel of experts will examine the trap that can be created by aggregating all these rules-based strategies into one general category as well as examine how PMs and Advisors are using these strategies within their portfolios. Our experts will also discuss the benefits and nuances of the different methodologies available.

12:35-1:30 – Luncheon & Networking Session
Sponsors Exhibit Hall

1:30-2:00 – ETF Global® Portfolio Challenge honoring the Fall 2017 Top 5 Winners

2:00-2:50 – Today’s Complex World of Investing for Yield
The fixed income markets have undergone a series of significant changes, re-defined the current role of bank trading desks, regulatory capital and the implementation of Dodd-Frank. In an environment of rising rates and volatile equities, credit has become an asset class of increasing interest both in terms of the yield potential and uncorrelated returns. In addition to “traditional” fixed income instruments, we will discuss more complex strategies, investment structures and their suitability within a managed portfolio.

2:55 – 3:10 Afternoon Break

3:15 – 4:05 – Artificial Intelligence in ETFs: A New Frontier?
Artificial Intelligence (AI) is computer science focusing on the development of intelligent machines that replicate the behavior of human beings. Artificial Intelligence ETFs potentially stand to benefit from increased adoption and utilization of artificial intelligence. Could artificial intelligence redefine the path of investing in the future? This cutting-edge panel will examine the application of AI and data science to the world of Exchange-Traded-Funds.

4:10 – 5:05 – Around the Globe: Best Opportunities for 2018
Today’s asset managers can increase their levels of success by gaining a thorough understanding of the macro environment from policy and economic cycle perspectives, particularly when combined with proper time horizons both domestically and internationally. Our experts will discuss relative sector performance and asset allocation methods as they examine where the best opportunities remain for this year, as well as, look ahead to 2018 to see where they may lie.

5:05-5:10 – Closing Remarks

5:10-6:10 – Networking Cocktail Reception
There will be a private reception for attendees immediately following the program.

Executive Sponsors:

ETF GlobalVETS IndexesVitrus ETF   Lifestage Investing

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