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Jobs (posted September 13, 2017)

Junior Investment Team Member Job Description

The Junior Investment Team Member at Matarin reports to an investment team principal, but the individual in this role will work closely with all of the firm’s principals. The role is critical to the ongoing success of the Matarin, as it focuses on portfolio management and trading by implementing investment policies across a variety of strategies and client portfolios dealing in both equities and futures. Attention to detailed financial data inputs is crucial to success in the role, as well as developing more optimal ways to trade accounts with as little market impact as possible.

Required Experience and Skills

* Extremely strong detail orientation
* Undergraduate degree in accounting, finance, engineering, economics, math, statistics, computer science, etc.
* Two years of work experience at an investment firm preferably engaged with quantitative investment processes or trading functions.
* Self-starter
* Familiarity with portfolio theory risk management and optimization
* Strong analytic and quantitative skills
* Team player

Junior Investment Team Member Job Functions

* Review optimizations for all client portfolios.
* On trade days, prepare trades to be input into Order Management System (OMS) or Execution Management System (EMS), making sure shares and dollars match was what prepared the night before.
* Check for borrow rates and locates when trading hedge fund portfolio, and re-evaluate the trade package if necessary.
* Use broker algorithms to trade certain accounts.
* When sending trades to brokerage trading desks, send detailed instructions along with the brokers’ goals for the trades.
* Evaluate broker and algorithm trade execution quality, during and at the end of the trading day.
* Send global equity market futures trades to brokers, or input them manually. Eventually, futures trades may also include global currency and fixed income market trades.
* Evaluate broker fills on all hedge fund trades after they are executed, and send notifications to the fund administrator.
* In the future, help the firm evaluate use of blind principal bidding for trades.
* During time when not trading, opportunities will exist to help the investment team with other research projects, but the core function of this role is managing the trading process.

To Apply

Send resumes and cover letters in confidence to: Nili Gilbert at


Model Validation/Risk Manager (Located in NYC)

Please note this is a contract position

In this role, the successful candidate will oversee the quality of a major US bank’s model risk management practices and manage its exposure to model risk. He or she will utilize market risk models to measure the risk of negative impacts due to fluctuations in interest rates, credit spreads, foreign exchange rates, mortgage rates, equity and commodity prices, and market liquidity. Risk must be measured across the trading book, AFS securities, HFS assets, the mortgage book, and private equity investments.

This role will involve conducting regular product and model validation to both assess and mitigate the bank’s risk. The successful candidate will independently review and analyze models used for pricing and the risk management of equity derivative products to determine the conceptual soundness of the model’s specifications and assumptions, including its response to stressed market conditions, the correctness of its implementation, and the robustness of its numerical aspects. He or she will also review the adequacy of the product-model considering market liquidity and hedging strategies along with studies of product sensitivities in various market conditions and propose alternative approaches as needed. Finally, he or she will review models implemented in C#.

• Ph.D. in Economics, Finance, Statistics, Computer Science or Mathematics; an MS can be accepted if accompanied with sufficient experience

• 3 or more years of experience in pricing model validation or a front office quant role with a broad exposure to fixed income or equity derivatives

• Experience in building or validating mathematical or statistical models (especially interest rate models, CVA, XVA, and price factors)

• Knowledge of fixed income trading, including swap and swaption, Muni derivatives, inflation linked products, inflation hedging, interest rate hedging, CVA, and XVA

• Ability to develop or validate stochastic calculus applications in a financial context

• Understanding of financial industry regulations and practices related to model development, capital requirements, and model validation

• Ability to use models for Value-at-risk and CCAR/stress tests

• Experience in model validation and benchmarking, specifically related to rate models, interest rate term structures, stochastic convergences, interest rates, Markovian models with numerical PDEs, exotic derivatives pricing, SABR models, and Monte Carlo simulations

• Understanding of structured securities, credit impacts, and cash flow

• Excellent verbal and written communication skills

For further information, please contact: Jesse Marrus, President, StreetID at