2017 Calendar

Tuesday, July 25th – Mary Ann Bartels, Managing Director, CIO of Portfolio Solutions, US Wealth Management, Bank of America Merrill Lynch & Sam Stovall, US Equity Strategist, S&P Global Market Intelligence

Tuesday, August 22nd– Diane Garnick, Chief Income Strategist, TIAA “Mental Accounting in Retirement: Retire Using Buckets of Money” https://www.tiaa.org/public/offer/insights/tiaa-perspectives/income-insights     
& Mark Kritzman, CEO, Windham Capital Management, LLC

Wednesday, September 6th – Sharon French, Executive Vice President, Head of Beta Solutions – Oppenheimer & MikhailSamonov, Senior Portfolio Manager at Forefront Analytics and GKFO

Tuesday, September 26th – Indrani De, Senior Director – Risk Management, TIAA & Jason MacQueen, Managing Director, R-Squared Risk Management

Tuesday, October 24th – Marvin Appel, Ph.D., M.D., President, Signalert Asset Management LLC, & Dr. David Esch, Managing Director of Research, New Frontier Advisors

Tuesday, November 28th – TBA