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Organizational Purpose: For quantitatively oriented investment professionals to gather together informally, discuss quantitative issues, and relax over drinks with their colleagues. The name QWAFAFEW (pronounce “quaff-a-few”) is intended as a double entendre. The acronym is derived from Quantitative Work Alliance for Applied Finance Education and Wisdom. The organization is meant to provide a collegial forum to promote the sharing of analytical research pertinent to the investment industry. The forum is also serves as a conduit for networking.
Venue: Most meetings are held at Bourbon Street Bar and Grill, 346 W 46th Street, between 8th and 9th Avenues, New York, NY 10036 – http://www.bourbonny.com/contact
Atmosphere: Casual and informal
Officers: Officers are elected by the general membership. The Steering Committee guides this process.

Financial Issues: QWAFAFEW is a not-for-profit club. Annual Dues are collected from members in addition to admission fees in order to cover meeting costs. Membership is on an individual, not a corporate basis. Presenters, members, and nonmember attendees are presumed to represent themselves, not their organization. Receipts are provided once per month. Members of other chapters pay membership rates to attend New York meetings.
Meeting Frequency: Generally, 12 times per year, and at least once per month. Venues rotate with time of year, target audience, and sponsorship opportunities.